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Version: 1.2
File Size: 3.66 MB
Release Date: Jul 20, 2019
Developer: I.M.STEWPEED

We are sitting at our homes reading news and getting mad about things happening around the world. We share pictures of bloodshed, write long paragraphs in support of the oppressed and condemn those who are breaking the laws yet we are so helpless at keeping ourselves from fighting among each other.

What acts should be brought in our daily routine, acts that make us stand united against hatred, injustice and cruelty? We think Unity, Honesty, Kindness and Love is our only path, towards a secure and peaceful future. We'll be as united such that when a terror as such strikes us, we will be strong enough to stand up together for love and humanity. There will be no confusion left as to which side we are in. Who says we cannot do anything for those in loss? We are here together, in love.

Let's bring the right acts in the limelight. Maybe this will encourage people to move towards love and make them enthusiastic about doing good. Once we bring in the mainstream the commonness we have that of love, nothing would be able to break us apart. This is a platform where people from around the world will anonymously be able to make even their smallest acts of kindness heard in an effort of bringing up the youth towards better definitions of 'cool'. Let's make kindness the trend.

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