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Countdown Game For Android apk *

Package Name*: com.bryan.barrett.countdownforandroid
Version: 1.3.1
File Size: 0.82 MB
Release Date: May 15, 2013
Developer: Bryan Barrett

***Voted Top 25 apps for may 2013 (***

Based on the popular British TV game show, players get the chance for an authentic experience at:

• Letters Round: Player must attempt to make the longest word possible from nine randomly chosen letters. (excluding proper nouns, hyphenated words, some plurals of mass nouns, and words that occur only in combination)
• Numbers Round: Player must use arithmetic to reach a random target number from six other numbers.
• Conundrum Round: Player must unjumble a 9-letter anagram arranged in the form of two condensed words.


- Free / No adverts
- No loading times, extremely quick game play
- Full CSW Dictionary containing over 150,000 words
- Over 1,000 dedicated Conundrums
- Solutions given at end of every round (Best words, math solutions and conundrums revealed)
- Full (15 rounds) and Quick (3 rounds) game modes
- Practice any round at your leisure
- Continue function allows you to pick up from where you left off
- Shake device during Letters or Conundrum rounds to shuffle order of letters (which may help reveal answers)
- Score menu allows you to view your best games and see how you did in them.
- No internet connection required: Built in dictionary and Numbers solver
- Level system: The better you do, the higher level you will achieve


- Does not work with HTC Wildfire, If it doesnt work on your device please email me and let me know! Thanks!

- In-game Font Size can be adjusted by tapping the font button (second from bottom left) at the main menu. The default font size is fine for the majority of devices. However if you are using a larger tablet device or find the font size unsatisfactory consider changing it here.

- Permissions:
Hardware Controls / Vibrator: Needed for shake function during Letters and Conundrum rounds.

I am an IT student from Galway, Ireland and I developed this application for my final year project. All feedback appreciated and taken onboard!

- Improved Conundrums (Fairer + Certain Definitions)
- Multiple Answers accepted for Conundrums (e.g. HORSETEND would accept SHORTENED and DETHRONES)

Next update:
- Definitions for all words
- Brackets in Numbers Round
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