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Role Player Pages apk *

Package Name*: com.siryorgan.roleplayerpages
Version: 2.1.1
File Size: 29.82 MB
Release Date: Sep 18, 2018
Developer: Sir Yorgan
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Character manager with multi-class support, for both third edition and fifth edition d&d campains: the best way to manage your characters during long role-playing sessions.

Features include:
• SHEET page, to keep current values separate from temporary modifiers;
• flexible FEATS page: can include racial traits, class feats, but also all the daily counters you may need to keep track of;
• SPELLBOOK manager with several casting styles, and the ability to add your own spells;
• INVENTORY page to manage equipment and consumable resources, with an automatic weight calculator;
• REST page, can replenish all spells, items, sheet values and feat charges with just one tap;
• DICE system: dice can not only be used stand-alone, but can be configured so that casting spells or using feats automatically rolls the correct dice set;
• NOTES page, because why not?

Notice: this app is intended as a support for gaming, alternative to paper, pencil and rubber.
Contents provided within the app are subject to the terms of the Open Game License, see the app's Info & Credits page to learn more.
• NEW: Experience points counter: set the amount required for your next level-up from the Edit Character page (set to zero to hide the field from the sheet);
• NEW: Keeping the '+' or '-' buttons pressed in a character sheet dialog now quickly increases or decreases values;
• Fixed feats creation dialog closing on invalid values;
• Theme updates;
• More bug fixes;
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