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Package Name*: com.kapbismeko.KapbisVR
Version: 1.0
File Size: 27.31 MB
Release Date: Jan 6, 2018
Developer: V. Elkhov

The program "Kapbis VR" is intended for separate training of the eyes with amblyopia. Amblyopia, or "lazy eye" - a condition in which there is a decrease in visual acuity, a violation of sensitivity and accommodative abilities of one eye. This state leads to the fact that the weak eye is gradually turned off from the process of vision at the brain level, and the person practically sees with one eye and is not able to perceive a three-dimensional image. Amblyopia is usually corrected by making the child use their weaker eye. This can be done by putting a patch over the child’s stronger eye.
The use of virtual reality glasses allows you to achieve the same effect without this unpleasant procedure. The "Kapbis VR" program helps to make the "lazy" eye work. It was developed on the basis of successful practice of amblyopia treatment on the apparatus "KAPBIS-1" (Pat. RU 2297812 C1). Training is that you need to collect a picture, putting some of its fragments in its place.
To do this, a mode is selected in which a healthy eye does not see fragments, and "lazy" eye sees, and therefore is included in the work. The background image is seen by both eyes, which leads to the preservation of the interaction between them during the training. The mode in which both eyes see fragments can be used to train the joint work of the eyes and the development of 3D vision (for example, at the final stages of treatment of amblyopia, or after surgical treatment of strabismus).
For training, you need to connect a Bluetooth-mouse, joystick or gamepad to your smartphone, and place the smartphone in VR glasses.
The program can be used in normal mode (without VR, on a smartphone or tablet) as a game for developing the perception of form and coordination of eye-hand interaction.

Added the ability to play without the mouse
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