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Battle Craft Z apk *

Package Name*: com.reflekt.battlecraftz
Version: 1.1.4
File Size: 32.63 MB
Release Date: Nov 28, 2018
Developer: Reflekt Games
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Chaos! Fear!! You run, headlong, away from the big cities, bypassing them ..... get rid of unnecessary things and get new friends. You have one goal: to survive! An unknown virus instantly spread throughout the planet and infected almost the whole of mankind. Outbreaks of epidemics began in all cities. People died, survivors fled to the nearest villages and no one knew what was going on outside the city walls ... The virus did not let the human body die, turning them into zombies and endowing them with one instinct - there is. There are survivors! Zombie apocalypse drove the survivors, into remote places of the forest and divided them into two clans: bandits and law-guards.

      Selecting the main character, you will find yourself in a terrible pixel forest Battle Craft Z. Now the life of the survivor is in your hands, watch his health, hunger. Create helpers and give them a handicraft: agriculture, cattle breeding. All day at your disposal. Explore each block in the forest, find a chest with vital resources. Grow wheat and other vegetables. Breed the sheep, pigs and chickens. Hunt for wild animals. Examine the abandoned cars and corpses of ghouls, here you will find fuel, first-aid kit and lots of weapons: automatic, pistol, bat and much more. Collect blocks for crafting arrows and ammunition. Arrange the traps around the farm and upgrade the fence. Your home is your "fortress", this is the only place where you are safe.

       The night is coming! Enemies are coming! Protect your farm from bandits, do not let them capture your warehouse. Destroy a crowd of living dead, mow them out of all kinds of weapons, do not let them infect their fellow men. With each passing day, enemies and zombies are getting bigger. Be smarter and faster than opponents, survive in the harsh world of Battle Craft Z.

      Fans of hardcore will also like other locations: surviving in the city and protecting the prison. On the farm you pump your hero and improve your weapons. Now you are ready to sweep the city from the hordes of the dead.
- Bugs fixed
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